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Dennis Fink
implemented -q and -v and updated yaah.rst

Yet another AUR helper

:Author:         Dennis Fink <>
:Date:           2013-02-26
:Copyright:      GPLv3+
:Version:        Yaah 0.1-alpha
:Manual section: 8
:Manual group:   Yaah Manual


yaah [options] [packages]

yaah (packages)


Yaah is a helper for the Archlinux User Repository (AUR). It has two main
functions. First of all, it can download packages, from the AUR by their
package name. The second function is to check installed foreign packages, if
there are updates available.


-h, --help                              Display help
-c, --check                             Check installed packages if there are updates available
-d directory, --downloaddir=directory   Download packages to the specified directory
-v, --verbose                           Be more verbose, can be supplied at maximum 2 times
-q, --quiet                             Be less verbose. Takes precedence over -v and --verbose


yaah task-git
    Download the package task-git and extract it to the current directory.

yaah -d ~/Packages/ task-git
    Download the pacakge task-git and extract it to the ~/Packages/ folder.

yaah -c
    Check all installed, foreign packages if there are updates available.

yaah -c task-git
    Check if there is a update available for task-git.

yaah -c -v
    Be more verbose at checking.

yaah -c -vv
    Be even more verbose at checking as above.

yaah -v task-git
    Be more verbose at downloading the packagie task-git.


**pacman**\(8), **jshon**\(1)